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Stay up to date while in debt review in 2021

Stay up to date while in debt review in 2021

A new year can bring many changes and communicating anything new is so important. Octogen clients don’t have to do the debt review journey alone, but it is a two-way street. It is up to you to stay up to date in debt review. You must keep us in the loop – and remember that debt counsellors are always available to update you.

Here’s a list of three things to always keep in mind. If you have any changes regarding debt review to report in 2021 or simply want an update from your debt counsellor, please:
– Either call 086 011 1453 or 086 111 3967 and ask for Client Services,
– Or email with your ID number for reference.

1. Keep contact & personal details current

Call or email Octogen if you … move residences; your postal address changes; you get a new phone number; you start using a new email account; your work details are different in 2021; or even if you get married.

Update Details

2. Check your balance anytime at all

Call or email Octogen anytime to … check the balance on your consolidated debts. You should always have an idea of where you are in the debt review process in terms of payments. This will help you stick to your goal of paying off all your debts and joining the Debt Free Club!

Debt review balance

3. Always tell us about your troubles

Call or email Octogen for advice if you … lose your job, get divorced, become widowed or anything happens to you that might affect your ability to stick to your debt review payment plan agreement with the courts.

Disaster strikes

Stay up to date in debt review and set some financial goals for 2021. Start by taking this easy quiz.