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Financial Wellness in South Africa Just Got Better!

Octogen, in partnership with Old Mutual, helps South Africans from all walks of life become financially fit through an innovative debt review programme. For three years in a row, we have received awards and recognition for our contributions to financial wellness in South Africa.

Octogen Receives the Prestigious Old Mutual Partnership Award in 2021

We have worked alongside Old Mutual for many years to bring financial wellness to more South Africans, and our ongoing partnership has proven fruitful. A long-term relationship and excellent work have culminated in us receiving the prestigious OMPA award in 2021. Old Mutual nominated the Octogen team for various categories in 2021. We walked off with the Industry Body Partner, Private Sector Partner, and Best Partner of the Year. This has made us truly proud. Receiving an Old Mutual Partnership Award (OMPA) is a feather in our cap. The award will go a long way in propelling our industry forward. Our endeavours to increase financial wellness in South Africa will no doubt reach even greater heights in the years to come.

What is the OMPA (Old Mutual Partnership Award)?

The Old Mutual Partnership Award is the highest accolade that recognises partnerships with the OML Group. Only the most outstanding submissions can qualify, from hundreds across the continent. The Old Mutual Group celebrates partnerships that are making a difference in African communities through the Old Mutual Partnership Awards at an annual event.

Why Brilliant Partnerships Make a Difference

Old Mutual and its partners understand brilliant partnerships make substantial progress possible. As one of the OMPA winners, Octogen has seen how such a prestigious award can affect positively on the lives of so many. Together, we are changing negative situations into positive ones. Octogen Financial Wellbeing Officers represent Old Mutual in 39 of its national retail branches, with a partnership spanning 12 years. As a result, Octogen has assisted and guided over 179,010 customers on their financial wellbeing journey. Many South Africans have enjoyed positive results such as relief from financial distress. South Africans from all walks of life benefit from our financial wellness programs and tools. We jointly showcase our work and honour the valuable networks Old Mutual creates. By creating the values we stand for, we are reaching many sectors, from businesses to our customers and communities. We endeavour to serve South Africans from right across the continent. Together, we are making a difference and improving the lives of many. By doing so, we are transforming socio-economic conditions and uplifting African households.

Who is Octogen, and How Are We Helping South Africans?

We are a progressive debt management company in the financial services industry. Octogen is a proud leader in credit legislation and consumer spending sectors. Our assessment tools and financial planning tools are here to make a difference.
  • At Octogen we pride ourselves on our involvement in the development of South Africa’s National Credit Act. We know what to do and where to help.
  • Our innovative G-Access digital assessment is part of our Budget Repair Solution. The assessment process evaluates debts and finances. We combine over 15 years’ consumer data in the assessment.
  • Our Octogen team cares about the financial health of employees and customers. We help you reach financial goals through attainable aspirations.
  • It takes 6 months to reach your personal financial well-being. This time period is to help employees and customers get back to a sustainable budget. Get the financial security you deserve without the financial strain.

What is Effective Debt Management and How Does It Work?

Octogen and Old Mutual have partnered to create an effective debt solution. This unique management system uses a combination of high-tech applications and personal coaching. The focus is on helping staff and customers to take control of their money. The idea behind Budget Repair is equipping employees and staff with the right tools. This will help with balancing budgets. Budget Repair is also there to help employees and customers address any debt challenges. The goal is to reach long-term, sustainable objectives that improve financial lives.

Does Budget Repair Work and Can It Help Me?

It takes time to change your financial behaviour. It also takes time to create and build new financial habits. Budget Repair takes 6 months. This debt consolidation plan gives our Octogen team sufficient time to help you make a difference. Our plan is here to help you reach your long-term objectives through financial coaching and analysis.

8 Steps We Use to Help You Conquer Financial Stress

  1. The employee or customer will undergo a one-minute online assessment. This is an online debt self-assessment (G-assist).
  2. Our financial education will help you improve your financial health. A financial wellbeing and debt management consultation will take place. We help you tackle debt consolidation for the long-term. This is regardless of your income level.
  3. We assess your finances using credit bureau reports and a monthly income statement.
  4. Octogen gives clients and employees detailed feedback. This is based on income, spending, and debt.
  5. We review spending behaviour and spending habits.
  6. Our team will then discuss debt management and the various options.
  7. Let us create your unique personal debt development plan just for you!
  8. Our team of experts will keep you on track with follow-ups. We do this monthly. At this point, we adjust your plan and assess your progress through coaching.

Follow Our Easy Guide Today and Take the First Step

Are you ready to make smart financial choices? At Octogen we can help improve your financial position and reduce your debt with our step-by-step debt review process. Break the bad debt cycle today with clever financial management. We’ll take the time to get to know your financial situation. Then we will guide you towards financial wellness. This is good news and a significant benefit for employees and customers. Reach your short-term and long-term goals with our financial well-being interventions today. Ensure the wellness amongst employees through debt rehabilitation. Octogen’s award-winning team is ready to help you reach your financial goals.